“The difference between Morada Blue Swimwear and any other company is incredible.   Each swimsuit is carefully designed to flatter many different types of figures.  From the moment I tried on my first Morada Blue Swimsuit I knew I was in love with the way it fit my body and made me feel comfortable. The swimsuit line brings out the confidence and beauty of all women.”  -Taylor Vranish

“Morada Blue swimwear is hands down my go to line. The fabrics and colors are out of this world! I feel like a bombshell in the blue halter one piece. The extra tie in the back pulls you up and lifts and provides such incredible support. I’m so happy to say that I’m a Morada Blue girl forever!”  – Jennifer McMahan

“I love my Morada Blue Swimsuit!”  It is super slimming and flattering, even when you have a two year old hanging off of you.” – Melissa McCarthy

“I purchased a Morada Blue one piece swimsuit and it is one the best swimsuits I have ever owned. The design is unique, flattering and very dramatic.  The quality and fit of the swimsuit is excellent. Thank you Kat for making such a beautiful swimsuit!” – Jenny Mansfield Kowal

“I bought the Shery and I love it.  The fabric is magical.  I absolutely hate bathing suit shopping, but when I tried on this suit – I looked and felt great.  While the fabric does hold all the right things in the right places  it doesn’t bind like some swimsuits it just makes you look good naturally.   I’ve enjoyed wearing my bathing suit for a couple of seasons it has held up fantastically and I always receive compliments.”  – Sharon Maier

“I love the Nancy full piece swimsuit, is as sexy as it is elegant.  It is so much more fun and flirty than your standard bikini. I always think of it as the “Marilyn” swimsuit.” – Annie Kordas

“I love Morada red, white, and blue!!  All of the swimsuits have such vibrant colors, the perfect fit and amazing quality. Best of all Morada Blue is made right here in the good old USA. Bring Morada Blue home with you!” – Sydney Kayte

“I love Morada Blue swimsuits because they are so feminine.  They are also very easy to wear and are very stylish.  I had a baby boy 9 months ago so I especially love the one pieces because they are super slimming and the fabric is incredibly comfortable.  I have not found any other one pieces that are fashionable, feminine and comfortable.  My only recommendation for women who are taller (I am 5’9”) is to go a size larger than you normally are if you are buying a full piece.” – Brenna Pelerin

“I got my first Morada Blue bikini four years ago.  After many beaches, pools, parties, and washes, it still looks brand new!!! No other bikini can flatter your “BUM” like Morada Blue!” – Chin Rivard

“I have two Morada Blue bikinis and every time I wear them I know I will look and feel my best. This summer I was wearing the Mary Kate bikini and was told I looked glamorous getting out of the pool! I also wore my swimsuits on the beaches in Costa Rica, even high tide I remained supported and didn’t fear I would pop out.  I love how much support Morada Blue swimsuits provide.  Full chested women have approached me needing to know what I’m wearing so they can feel confident too!” – Laura Godzwon